Ume Knot Earrings with Tassel

___ciclo: Yuki Hasegawa

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Ume Knot Earrings with Tassel
Ume Knot Earrings with Tassel

These are Japanese style in its most purest form- small and beautiful! These beautiful earrings from Yuki Hasegwa, are artfully made by hand using traditional Japanese braiding techniques. They are created with every wearer in mind. She would like to share with you the meaning behind the Ume knot.

The "Ume" knot is named after the Japanese ume blossom. It is one of the most popular knots used in celebration such as weddings because this knot doesn't come loose easily. It has been widely used as charms against evil. My prayer is that this knot will bring happiness to you no matter what, just as the ume blooms beautifully after the harsh winter. The tassel below will protect you from evil.


*Featuring Japanese cord with a wire stud made of stainless steel

*Width: 0.75"

*Length: 1.5”

*Artfully handmade in Inuyama, Japan by Yuki Hasegawa


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