Pinarte Poncho

Pinarte: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Pinarte Poncho
Pinarte Poncho
Pinarte Poncho
Pinarte Poncho

Handmade with only the love a mother can give-this beautiful poncho comes to you from Patricia, owner and creator of Pinarte. Sitting over a lunch fit for a queen is where the conversation started about her business and passion for what she creates. One of her specialties- these fantastic ponchos. She purchases the material from various local shops and then begins her masterpiece of design. Cutting, sewing and adding her touch of her most favorite craft, crochet, to each piece. These subtle hints of love are what caress each and every one of her designs. So wrap yourself up in love with this beauty in teal and black buffalo plaid.


*Made of 100% wool

*Featuring hand crochet along bottom and sides

*Hanging length: 42"

*Wing span: 53"

*Designed and made by Patricia, creator and owner of Pinarte

* Handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Follow her on Facebook: @Pinarte


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