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Nommo Necklace
Nommo Necklace
Nommo Necklace

Nommo Necklace

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Deeper meaning behind her design: 

Nommo are ancient geniuses of the waters in the cosmology of the Doges of Mali, Africa.

The connection with the water element, which is feminine and receptive.

Step into your divinity. 

Color Meaning: Sophisticate and Self-sufficient 

Discover the magic of where South America and Paris meet. Jeanne is a Parisian jewelry designer who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

This textile necklace is made 100% by hand with anti-allergic materials. Satin ribbon is wrapped around bronze forms, creating a truly one of kind piece. 

*Featuring bronze mold with a satin ribbon overlay, 24 karat gold chain and lobster clasp

*Color: Dark Peacock Teal

*Adjustable hanging length at pendant start: 9"

*Adjustable hanging length at pendant end: 11”

*Designed and made by Jeanne, creator and owner of Sesame + Orion 

*Handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Follow her on Facebook: @sesameorion and Instagram: @sesame_orion