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Sanna Necklace
Sanna Necklace
Sanna Necklace
Sanna Necklace

Sanna Necklace

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Deeper meaning behind her design: 

Sanna is the god of aquatic animals in the Inuit tradition.

Water is where emotional power resides. It is a feminine element of reception. The power of empathy.

Step into the beauty of your true self. 

Color Meaning: Passion, Bold, and Daring 

Discover the magic of where South America and Paris meet. Jeanne is a Parisian jewelry designer who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

This textile necklace is made 100% by hand with anti-allergic materials. Satin ribbon is wrapped around bronze forms, creating a truly one of kind piece. 

*Featuring bronze mold with a satin ribbon overlay, 24 karat gold chain and lobster clasp

*Color: Red

*Adjustable hanging length at pendant start: 6.5"

*Adjustable hanging length at pendant end: 8.25"

*Designed and made by Jeanne, creator and owner of Sesame & Orion

*Handmade in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Follow her on Facebook: @sesameorion and Instagram: @sesame_orion