Vintage Haori Jacket

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Vintage Haori Jacket
Vintage Haori Jacket
Vintage Haori Jacket
Vintage Haori Jacket


Modish vintage is what I like to call a style that is in the now but with spectacular vintage pieces sprinkled throughout. You can't go wrong with fashion wares that have stuck around for centuries. And that is exactly what this vintage Haori (羽織) jacket is. This type of jacket dates back to the Sengoku period (1400s-1600s). Talk about your vintage! What's a haori jacket you may ask? Well it's lightweight coat typically worn over a kimono. They are not meant to close in the front, so it can be worn as a jacket. This kimono jacket has a background of a woven 'wave' pattern featuring pretty floral motifs. The leaves have glitter on them and there is a gold accent on the edge of flowers.


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* Featuring synthetic material 

*Length: 31" 

*Width: 23"

*Length of sleeve: 17"

*Width of sleeve: 13"

*Handmade in Japan

*Condition: Excellent vintage

Please note: It has white shitsuke thread around the hems which means it has never been worn. You can remove them easily.

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