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Myoga Knot Earrings
Myoga Knot Earrings

Myoga Knot Earrings

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Meet the Artisan: Yuki Hasegawa 
Yuki is a mom of three beautiful children. She    works full time and creates her knot accessories at night after her children have gone to sleep. Her journey started when she studied Studio Art at a university in the U.S. After she returned home to Japan, she became interested in the Japanese arts and crafts- especially traditional knots and the meanings they have. In the Japanese tradition everything has its place and a special meaning. The traditions of knots in fashion is no different. She says: "Every knot has its own meaning. I make my accessories praying that they will bring happiness and good luck to whomever wears them." This is her wish and prayer to you every time you wear her pieces. Yuki's dream is to be able to work on her craft full time and create a life for her family where she is able to stay home with her children. You are making that dream a reality!
Your purchase has helped not only her business but her livelihood which then trickles down into her family and community. This means your purchase has made a huge impact! Thank you!

These beautiful earrings from Yuki, are artfully made by hand using traditional Japanese braiding techniques. They are created with every wearer in mind. She would like to share with you the meaning behind the Myoga style earring.

"Myoga" knot is named after its shape that looks like Japanese ginger (myoga). Myoga also means "God's protection". During the age of Japanese civil wars, Samurais wore myoga emblems at battles, praying to god for protection. So I wish God's protection to the person who will wear the myoga knots when I make them."

*Featuring genuine leather with a shepherd's hook ear wire made of stainless steel with a 14k gold overlay

*Length: 2.5"

*Width at top: 0.5"

*Width at bottom: 1.25"

*Artfully handmade in Inuyama, Japan by Yuki Hasegawa

Follow her on Instagram: @___ciclo