Furoshiki Purse

Tokyo, Japan

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Furoshiki Purse
Furoshiki Purse

This fun modern pattern of colors mix with the tradition of the furoshiki style. The furoshiki cloth has been around for centuries in Japan as a wrapping cloth used to transport other cloths, gifts as well as other goods.  Now used by many fashionistas in Japan, as their go to bag, you can toss just about anything in it! It's a must have in this busy day and age!


Not only can it be a purse, it can be a multitude of things...from a scarf, a head wrap or band, wrapping cloth for gifts, and it can even be bottle carrier to wrap up that special red wine you are taking to your next party. If you can dream it, most likely the furoshiki cloth can do it!


*Made of 100% Japanese Cotton

*Measures: 27.5" x 27.5" squared

*Handmade in Tokyo, Japan

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