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Collection: Textile Woven Simple Clutch from Bali

Meet the Artisan: Ketut Lastri

Ketut Lastri owns one of the few women led businesses in Ubud, Bali. She designs amazing clutches, wallets, shoes, sandals and boots using a traditional Balinese woven fabric that is still handmade on a loom. She creates wearable fashion with a modern twist. Traditions of culture are mixed with vibrant modernity! Brilliantly, she crosses the love of her culture and fashion to make one of a kind styles.
She employs many artisans in and around Ubud, Bali not to mention her staff that manage her stores. Your purchase has helped not only her business but her livelihood and the livelihoods of all who she works with. This trickles down into her family, their families as well as the whole community. Which means your purchase has made a huge impact! Thank you!

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