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Collection: Shawls

Meet The Artisan Abdelkrim

Abdelkrim lives in a small artisan town just outside of Marrakech, called Tameslouht. He is 35 years old, making him one of the youngest artisans in the town. He works his magic on a six levered loom. These looms are notoriously difficult to work on.

He lost his wife to tuberculosis, which as you can imagine has been very difficult for him, however you wouldn't know it because he still has a huge smile on his face and sparkle in his eye. My wish for you is to be wrapped up in joy with this beautiful handmade scarf.

Your purchase will help not only his business but his livelihood which then trickles down into his family and community.

Which means every purchase you make at Mariposa Skies makes a huge impact! Thank you!


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