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Collection: Friday Feature

Meet this week's Featured Artisans: Youssef and Kamal

Kamal and Youssef live in a small artisan town just outside of Marrakech, called Tameslouht. They work their magic working with naturally dyed goat leather. Natural dyes include gifts from mother nature- such as local flowers, spices and plants. The technique they use is called tooling, it's an ancient method of stamping the leather to create beautiful and unique designs. Their wish for you is to smile every time you use your beautiful leather goods and remember it was handmade by these two talented men in the beautiful land of Morocco.

Your purchase has helped not only their business but their livelihoods, this then trickles down into their families and community.

Which means your purchase has made a huge impact! Thank you!

Shop Youusef and Kamal's Pre Order Clutch Sale below- this week's Friday Feature!

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