Espontanea Baires

Meet Giselle

One word to describe Giselle of Espontanea Baires is genuine. Her attitude, her vibe, and her character are exactly that- genuine. She embodies the pure essence of being a genuine person. She is from Argentina and has always had a passion for making and creating. So she took her love of making and found a way to combine that with one of the best resources Argentina is known for- genuine leather. It has not been an easy road for Giselle. Argentina is continually plagued with inflation rates that seem to keep going up these days. As an entrepreneur and artisan she has had to struggle with what seems like a never ending up hill battle ever since she began her work. As inflation rates continue to rise, so does the price of leather. It has been a difficult path to success for Giselle and her business, but she continues to press on using her genuine attitude and love for what she does to push her forward. Your purchase has helped not only her business but her livelihood which then trickles down into her family and community. This means your purchase has made a huge impact! Thank you!

A message from Giselle:

"I work in my workshop, in an artisanal way, doing everything with a lot of love, so that each piece is unique, as unique as each person who chooses it. I feel happy and it fills me with joy and enthusiasm to know that my designs travel through the world ... transcend cultures ... styles ... and cover all ages.”