Balinese Friendship Bracelet

Meet Luh + Help Support Girl's Education in Mozambique

Luh works with her brother Wayan. They partnered up to open Bolenat. She is in charge of the shop and is learning to make more jewelry everyday, while her brother- Wayan makes and designs each piece by hand. I couldn't help but fall in love with all the beautiful colors and tassels! If I hadn't trekked down Monkey Forest Road- an hours walk from Ubud city center- I would have never found Luh and her amazing work.  These were the most beautiful tassel beaded necklaces I had seen in Ubud, Bali. And trust me...I saw A LOT! Before working with Mariposa Skies, their shop was subject to only the tourists who would visit. Now they are able to work with people all around the world. We have learned a lot together, Luh and I, and I am extremely grateful for her willingness to try sending things to me here in the U.S.

Your purchase has helped not only her and her brother's business but their livelihoods. This trickles down into their family as well as the whole community. Which means your purchase has made a huge impact!

For each bracelet bought, $2.00 goes directly to Kurandza which provides holistic education to girls in Mozambique.

 Kurandza is a non-profit social enterprise that invests in the future of women in Mozambique. Through education, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development programs, women learn to become leaders in their villages, sharing their skills and knowledge with the rest of their community, and creating opportunity for thousands of people. What makes us different from other organizations? We listen to the needs of the people on the ground in Mozambique. Local needs drive the projects we create and fund, which ensures that our projects generate the most impact possible. Kurandza means "to love" in Changana, the local language of the people we work with in Mozambique. Your gift allows us to provide holistic education programs to our girls in Mozambique. These programs include health education, after-school tutoring, extra-curricular activities, parent-teacher conferences, and empowerment workshops!" 

To learn more about what you can do to help, visit their website www.kurandza.org

Thank you!